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We are WebRunner. Your reliable & Cost Effective Unlimited Internet Service Provider.

Welcome to Your Digital Playground

WebRunner focuses in delivering business value to our clients by continuously innovating ICT platforms and solutions to meet our client’s critical needs.
Our reliable and highly secure transmission service is built on a state-of-the-art Wireless network with unrivalled network coverage.

We are a global outsourcing solution, including Customer Premises/ Office Equipment provisioning and maintenance, security solutions, top-class SLAs and performance reporting.
Great reliability and robustness: based of innovative architectures, top market equipment, diverse network paths, meshed architecture and continuously supervised (24/7) by a team of specialists. The WebRunner Network guarantees the best market quality standards.

Service quality: Thanks to the use of MPLS technology, customer applications will be managed with a different priority through the network in order to ensure the best service.

Convergence: Merge all services and applications on a single platform of high class Services and a complete portfolio of access capabilities, to select the right price and quality for each customer.

Unlimited Broadband

We provide the fastest and the most reliable broadband Internet with no usage limits. Browse and download around the clock.


We Offer a TV system through which television services are delivered using the Internet Protocol suite over a LAN or the Internet, instead of being delivered through traditional satellite signal, and cable television formats …read more

Computer Hardware & Software

We have a wide range of hardware products including, servers, terminal devices, computer accessories.

Our Packages

WebMax Lite


  • 1 Mbps

  • Installation KES 7,500
  • Free Wireless Equipment

WebMax Premium


  • 10 Mbps

  • Installation KES 7,500
  • Free Wireless Equipment

WebMAX Pro


  • 20 Mbps

  • Installation KES 7,500
  • Free Wireless Equipment

Please note that all prices are exclusive of V.A.T and all Wireless equipment are given free of charge but remain property of WebRunner Ltd.


Reliable Hardware

Webrunner has first-hand experience with many technology manufacturers and distributors so we only use and recommend hardware that we feel is reliable and cost effective.

12 Years in Business

Because of our valued clients, we are still one of the top ISP’s in the Coast Region.

High Performance

We offer great deals on high speed internet with our wide range of packages to suit everyone’s need’s.

We Deliver

We’re pretty laid-back and cool but we take our customer relationships super-seriously, aiming for 99% uptime and offering year-round professional support.

Dedicated Support

Our Support Team is legendary. Give us a call anytime to see why.

We're Big on Easy

Online should be easy: that’s why we keep things simple with contract-free connections, excellent support and user-friendly tools all the way.

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